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Tracy Arm Fjords

On my way back from Alaska to home, I passed through the Tracy Arm Fjords, named after the Secretary of the United States Navy of the late nineteenth century, Benjamin F. Tracy.

The fjords do not have a valid description that compares with the greatness of their very existence. The water through which we sailed, according to the captain of the ship, maintained a temperature no higher than 30F which makes a lot of sense as the ice floes could be seen from the ship as a result of last winter.

The springs from the mountains adorned the panorama, and the seals on the ice floes stole the show. Do not miss the photos here.

I ran to the top of the ship at around 4am with my fancy camera. I was so ready to take stunning shots, but I was so happy enjoying the encounter in solitude with the Fjords that I lost 1 hour looking around forgetting to take pictures.

I returned home after 10 days in Alaska and yearning for my warm glass of wine every night. From this trip I learned to appreciate more the summer and to forgive our short winters in Pennsylvania.

I will be in Victoria next month. While I plan my trip, I will be in the “moon” thinking way too much or in my bed (not thinking at all).

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