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The Two Beaches Where Baywatch Was Filmed

I heard a boom!  I thought I had crashed into some random car while trying to parallel parking, but no, it was Harry hitting the car in total desperation because I was “1 millimeter” from the car behind me. It was actually a couple of centimeters and I was aware of it. You can imagine my annoyed face.

But his nerves got to my nerves, especially when my son said “you are stuck and you can’t get out.” Are you kidding me? I mumbled, “if I got in, I can certainly get out.” Indeed, I did get out and drove away upset that these two frustrated my parking. By the time I parked It was 3pm already and I was so hungry. My lunch was three hours before the parking debacle and we were still trying to figure out where to eat. We ended up walking towards a Peruvian cerviche bar and eating like horses.

Once full and happy, I went to the beach as I had brought a Lebanese backgammon set with me because I wished to sit on the beach for hours and play everyone around me. After almost 3 centuries, I became unbeatable and boy; how I enjoy it. We were at Laguna Beach because it is popular and it was in my Californian bucket list. That beach is beautiful and crowded and has a bikeway that I used to watch on TV when I was little. Does Baywatch sound familiar to you? I remember the broad walkway as well, but this time I saw all kinds of musical performances live and many walking spectators waiting for the shows to get good. It was a bit chilly, however—although sunny, and I wanted ice cream, the popular Ben & Jerry’s that disappeared from State College many years ago. How could I resist it when it was right in front of me? I got their butter pecan and I wish they would give you the option to add pecans because I love them. The sunset arrived and we drove to Venice beach to go to Pacific Park. If you are ever near L.A, please do not miss it. Among other things I gained like 2 pounds eating funnel cake, caramel churros, and hot dogs. I also enjoyed the ferris wheel and a few other fun rides with Harry (harry is my husband, BTW, and he hates when I introduce him jokingly as my boyfriend). We went for dinner and I got home to finish the Red Tent, a book by Anita Diamond that got me very engaged. I went to bed after the last erotic episode between Dinah and the son of the King, knowing that I would be extremely tired next day for the Bird Sanctuary in Huntington Beach and the Getty Center But, such is life!

Instagram: @saluakamerow

Instagram: @saluakamerow

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