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The Best Beach in Cyprus

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Cyprus is a neat island to visit for its rare fun facts. It’s kind of going to Istanbul where half of the city belongs to a group and the other half to another group. In this case, the last city in the world politically divided is Nicosia, and so it is a divided island.

The north half is mainly Turkish and the south half, Greek. With all its nuances, linguistically and culturally, each one follows a print from the past.

Now, I know little or nothing about the Turkish side. But I was sitting with a group of people this morning, and they said it was dirty, old, wasted, nothing compared with the European side, where everywhere I went was pristine.

In regards to the Greek side, the airport is small but well kept. In addition, the Greek side has a good public transport system from which I benefited a lot. The taxis are very expensive regardless of where you are going. So, I  got organized with the schedule of the buses and used them from and to the airport as well as from and to the beach, and surroundings.

The first day, I walked around and spent the day at the beach of our hotel, close to Palm Beach. Dinner was at a small, homey restaurant called Vettrianos. The lamb was exquisite and, for the first time, it did not have that horrible after-taste that lamb has. I have witnessed this past month that, on this part of the world, lamb can be a very delicious dish without a bad smell.

The second day, I chose a famous area in the south part of the island because it is the best of the best; it is called Ayia Napa. The beach I went to was Nissi beach because of the color of the sand, the clear water, and the goodwill it possesses among the citizens of Cyprus.

In this beach, I thought the food and drinks would be quite expensive. However, and to my surprise, it was on average 6 dollars for a burger with chips or 9 dollars for a huge Greek salad.

My active husband decided to take me for a ride paragliding and this was my first experience. Somebody from the ground made a video of us but, to be honest, I wish I could have captured the time flying, I felt so good, everything was immaculate to me. From the top with the wind in my face and the soundless ride, I felt like a bird. All was peaceful until my husband made a comment: “if we would fall, perhaps we would survive.” I got really stressed and I wanted to go down.

The driver was very rapacious and brought us down to the water to tease us. Then pulled us up and landed us smoothly on the boat. After my flight, I hired a drone that is available on the beach and made a fun video with it.

If you are not fond of flying, there are many other water sports available on the beach.

I learned that the cheapest fares to travel to Cyprus go through Larnaca, a city located 20 mins from Ayia Napa. The best beaches are in Ayia Napa because the water is warm and they are clean. But, if you are more into ruins and the dark blue beaches, try Paphos where there is a nice waterpark for kids and families.

If you have questions, contact me. I am happy to help—if I know the answers.

For now I say good bye and I will soon be in Sidon visiting the crusaders’ castle built in the 13th century.

Instagram: @saluakamerow

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