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Sunny Skagway, Alaska

The highest income for Alaska comes from the government. People have two and three jobs that may not be related to each other. For example, in Skagway, the chief of police is at the same time the pastor of the only church in the city.

Skagway compared to Juneau was very sunny—although very breezy. There are approximately 1,000 people living in Skagway. There are no houses or lots to build, and it is customary to live in trailers. Given the low supply of houses and high demand, housing prices are exorbitant. Of course, the people of Skagway do not want more residents, with those who are there, enough is enough.

The view towards the Skagway valley is stunning and it recalls a legend of an indigenous woman of stone called shԍagéi (indigenous language) for whom the town was named after. This woman was lost when she arrived in the area and her family sought her out for a long time, but she never appeared again. For that reason, the woman was petrified on the rock, so that every time someone new comes to town, they remember the family and the pain of losing her.

In Skagway you can take a train that runs through the area, passes through fjords, glaciers and canyons. The train progressively climbs 91 thousand meters to a distance of 10 kilometers, where it crosses several cities. After that, I went zip-lining to fight the fear of heights. My tour was directed by two crazy and super funny young men.

I spent 4 hours hiking and ziplining an eight line course. After that, I had a delicious roasted lobster with potatoes and went for local homemade fudge.

My next stop will be the Tracy Arm Fjords. I will keep you post it. For now, enjoy my gallery below.

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