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Six Hours at Seal Beach

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

As I arrived, I realized I did not travel on the best season to California. But, any weather above 50F is better than being in Pennsylvania during a sunny day in the Spring. It was raining already which is a lot in common with my new home (State College). Hopefully the people of California were excited to see water fall from the sky with those dry lands they usually have and the forest fires. I was. It even made me think of my hometown Santa Marta, where people are thankful to God for a rainy day as many of the residents survive based on the banana and plantain production. So, yes, rain is vital and welcomed.

But my oldest kid was graduating from a program in which he has been part of for two years at Boeing Corporation and I was proud. I should say I was proud but not invited because there was just one ticket and we had to accommodate Harry, his biological dad. As for me, I went to Seal Beach with my future daughter in law (I believe a soon-to-be) to have dinner, drinks, and have a conversation about the future.

I was so full of our travel the night before and, certainly, I had slept poorly. For me the 3-hour jetlag is a significant time change that disturbs my whole routine: food, sleep, reading time, news time, praying time, etc. But I was there with her and I wanted to know everything about where she came from, her relatives, her family dynamics, and her infatuation with Billy. This was actually, the first time I got to hear the real story about how they met and their first “make-out” (TMI!). We went to a French Bistro with highchairs and happy hour. We ordered many appetizers. Actually, she did, as I wanted to see what her food preferences were. We talked for 3 short hours and we went for a walk and a cigarette.

We passed by a bakery but I had a couple of wines on me and I thought it was best to pass them down with a German chocolate cake with caramel and nuts. I love all kinds of nuts in ice cream, in salads, in cakes. I ate a third and walked towards the pier still talking with her.

It was raining then, not hard, just a mist, and my bangs were a total mess. Who said that curly hair women are entitled to bangs? I should have refrained from getting them. Anyway! It was rainy and I did not really care (about my bangs or anything). I walked along the pier all the way to the end and saw people that had been there fishing for hours. Those who fish are patient and I thought about it while I saw them waiting, talking, smoking, and relaxing. They are used to waiting for a bite to then reel in their catch. They just sit there with one common goal: catch the fish.

Seal Beach has a main street full of businesses that close by 8pm, at least those that sell dry goods such as beachwear and kitsch. Restaurants, ice cream stores, and bars are open later than midnight. It is a safe street and there are no concerns about getting robbed. Check out that bakery I suggested here, the name is Sweet Jill’s Bakery.

I am going to Venice Beach to play backgammon on the shore. I will keep you posted.

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