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My First Night in Nashville

Updated: May 21, 2019

I’m in the capital of Tennessee with the weather a gracious 90 and the humidity at a peak. Yet, apparently, I forgot to bring a pair of cowgirl boots and a hat in accordance to the local fashion of vintage boots over a short dress with no socks. It’s as common as seeing bathing suits on a beach. 

I am staying at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, a hotel with 3000 rooms, a 9-acre indoor garden, and a merry indoor water park. 

Yesterday night I took the shuttle to downtown. To my surprise, every corner is filled with an exhilarating energy of live country music, BBQ, countless street performers, and games. 

For 10 dollars you can challenge yourself on a pull up bar for 2 minutes—then walk away with another 100 dollars. The deal is not even to make a pull-up. All you need to do is to hang from the pull-up bar for a solid 120 seconds. 

I thought it was an easy task, but then I saw a few well built losers waste their money. Perhaps it was because of their state of mind after a few shots of whiskey. 

The downtown area was filled with tourists and plenty of locals asking the bands to play their favorite songs. I went with my husband to several businesses in—what I call—an “ethyl route.” I took a shot of my favorite drink in each business, danced to one song, and then we left. He always loves to watch me dance.  

Our last place was Rippy’s. After several places visited, Harry finally found someone to play his favorite country song (The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down). I asked for Friends in Low Places while waiting for my brisket and cole slaw. We enjoyed the music and the food while we shared our personal memories from the past.

The wind today makes my stay in this place... it is so pleasant. I love it. And tonight, I am going to the Hall of Fame and several other attractions. I will keep you posted!

Enjoy my slideshow below.


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