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Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

After five hours of flight I landed with a relentless hunger given that now airlines save every cent limiting hand luggage and offering coffee and water only (it did not used to be like that when I was a child).

At eleven o'clock at night on a Sunday, no matter how big of a city you are visiting, you will not find many restaurants open. However, In-n-out is open 24 hours a day and that is where I ate (two hamburgers) prior to going to an apartment to sleep. Los Angeles is a mystical city, among many things, for its many contrasts. At this time of the year, the fresh breeze and the warmth of the sun's rays are particularly pleasing at the same time. In the distance, industrial development is perceived in each building. Up close, the exoticism between five-lane highways and Spanish-language ads is confusing to give the impression of an advanced Latin America city in the American territory. Its mysticism, however, emanates from the multiple natural parks and that deafening silence that allow us to put our spirit in contact with the nature and energy of the universe.

Los Angeles, in addition to being mystic, is a city for intellectuals, as represented by one of its most popular attractions in the area, the Griffith Observatory. The name takes is in honor of the American philanthropist Griffith Jenkins Griffith, who donated many kilometers of land and hundreds of thousands of dollars to build the park that bears his name as well as the observatory.

However, not everything that Griffith did is commendable. Due to "madness caused by alcohol", according to his lawyer, he shot his wife in the eye and ended up paying a sentence that only millionaires pay for serious crimes, two years of prison. Then he went out to "do good" and dignify his honor, but it was too late. Three things remain from his legacy: his criminal personality, the park, and the observatory.

The observatory is a structure of another world. You can get there by car or by walking, and throughout the climb, you can see the famous Hollywood sign. Getting to where the sign is becomes impossible because it is located on private property. However, it is clearly visible from the walking path and from the Observatory. The observatory is an exit to the cosmos. At the top there are three giant telescopes that, depending on how clear the day is, allow you to visualize the stars and the eruptions of the sun. Sometimes, the administration of the observatory organizes parties sponsored by the Astronomical Society of the Angels, and they take out telescopes during the night, locating them outside the observatory to be able to visualize objects in the Angels.

The planetarium is located in the dome of the building. From time to time, they have a presentation by an expert in astronomy talking about the latest studies and communicating to people about recent discoveries, and creating awareness among Californians to learn more about the planet. On the other hand, the technology used in these presentations is state-of-the-art. The laser projectors have excellent resolution and brightness and provide an intensified contrast of the images. It seems to make one feel in the vacuum of space.

The observatory was full of people and I could not stay more than a few hours. There are, however, many exhibits that range from the simple presentation of the phases of the moon to the types of eclipses illustrated step by step. Definitely a place to visit and take our children.

I went out to look for sushi, what better place to eat fresh fish than in Los Angeles!

So, I say goodbye today from Los Angeles and I will be hiking in Joshua Tree National Park tomorrow. With me, my favorite influencer of all times @themegansullivan

Instagram: @saluakamerow

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