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Gate 1 Travel: More Travel for Less Money

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

If something I have learned throughout the last 10 years is to travel on a low budget. Indeed, I consider myself an avid traveler because I dare to try promotions and companies online selling all-inclusive packets to the most noteworthy destinations, and then I write about it.

I went to Argentina with Gate 1 Travel five years ago. I believe I paid for my husband, our son, and myself $1700 dollars everything included but two dinners. Given the awesome experience we had in Buenos Aires, this year I looked for a deal with the same company. $890 for an express trip to the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, South America. Why not? I told myself.

I asked my husband to take 5 days off for a surprise trip. He rolled his eyes and looked at me in suspension, “now where?” It is a surprise!, I replied.

Harry has been learning Spanish with Lupe D’Anda, a Mexican American teacher who has a lot of experience in one-on-one classes. To my amazement, Harry was pulling up his learned words into every sentence he wanted to speak. He was excited about the trip, primarily because he got to practice everything he has learned in Spanish—a lot.

In addition, I believe this was the first time for both of us to see that part of the world. So, everything was quite an adventure for only $890 per person.

What was included? EVERYTHING: food, hotel, transportation, airfares, taxes, tours, tour guides, etc. Extremely good service, very knowledgeable tour guides and very good, traditional food from Ecuador. We even got to try worms alive. Plus, we got to meet people that have been traveling around the world three times per year with this same company.

To your wonder as to what was not included, only optional tips and alcoholic beverages.

 I will write about all our excursion in my column in March in the Centre Daily Times.But today I wanted to say that Gate 1 Travel is a verified company that aims to promote tourism at low prices around the world. (Note that G1T is not paying me to write about them.) I just want to share my experiences with you. In addition, I like the company’s mission: “to deliver more for less.” Moreover, I read that its owners have a goal of transporting half million Americans per year by 2025.

I am traveling low budget to Ireland with another company next month and I will keep you posted.

Check our video.

For now, follow my journey on Instagram: @skamerow

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