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The Community Table

t was almost 5:15 in the afternoon when we arrived to the Community Table event hosted by the Cramers at their Farm located in Howard, Pa.

Mr. Cramer received us with a welcoming handshake and offered to walk us around his farm, which we enjoyed. First, he showed us his tomatoes in a proud way in light of the cold weather of the last two days. Successively, he shared with us how the cycle for the Community Table works, and this is what I understood:

The Cramers donate bread for the Thursday night dinners. The leftover bread is brought to the farmer and fed to the pigs. When the pigs get fat, the meat is donated to the Community Table to feed the residents of Centre County that wish to have a delicious meal on Thursday night and that cannot afford buying it.

The dinner at the party was a group of appetizers served in a gourmet style. The decoration of the event resembled autumn and there was a chef in charge and a bunch of high school students in training to become cooks as sous-chefs.

Everything was included in the price of the ticket, from tasty appetizers to hard and soft drinks. Also, during the last hour of the event, Daniel Foster led an auction and I outbid others for a handmade quilt that Melanie, his wife, made over 3 audio books and 50 hours of hand-sewing.

At the end, each of the attendees was given a dozen of fresh eggs sponsored by the Cramers.

My companion and I only new two of the people at the party. However, everyone was welcoming and focused towards a great cause: support the Community Table. If you want to learn more about this program, visit their website.

Coming up, this Arab-Latina is looking for people who wants to join her for the Rowe's Research Runners event on October 20th at 1pm.

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