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An Arabian Night

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I was a worker for the Center for Alternatives in Community Justice, then a board member, and today I am a volunteer.

I believe in second chances, specially for youth. For that reason, I spend one night every month hearing cases that have been referred by police, school resource officers, judges, probation, and others.

While typically a juvenile is referred for summary offenses, we have dealt with cases referred for misdemeanors when the referring authority has the conviction to be beneficial to the juvenile—and worth it.

The Youth Aid Panel aims to promote second chances for all and expand its benefits to other areas of the county. However, sometimes, more than human power, a budget is needed.

On that precept, I organized two events: An Arabian Night last Saturday, November 2nd, and; for this coming Saturday, November 9th at Noon, It's Colombia NOT Columbia Kind of Luncheon.

The evening was filled with smiles, good vibes, and commonality. Evelyn, the Executive Director of CACJ talked a little bit about our programs, and we ate a buffet with 20 different dishes from Lebanon, Middle East.

I was lucky enough to have my friend Liqaa's help. Liqaa is an Iraqi woman that lives in Centre County and it is a marvelous cook. We spent 3 days preparing the most difficult and delicious dishes of the Middle East.

At the end of the night, we had a show performed by Shannon Bishop, a local and talented belly dancer who enlivened the night.

This coming Saturday we will have a luncheon featuring the food of the Colombian North Caribbean. If you want to buy tickets, please leave me a comment or email me to

If you want to see more pics, visit my instagram: @skamerow

Video of the night

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