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The First Black Band Woman in Muay Thai in Pennsylvania: Elise Pone

5’7 tall and 135 pounds. Quiet, driven, passionate, and a natural born athlete. A wife, a friend, and a mother of 5. This is Elise.

Elise inspired me to write this blog on International Women's Day because of her feminine attitude, social capacity to interrelate with others, and ferocious boxing skills. Right here, in one neat package, are the core values of being a woman: strength, passion, power. And these attributes are what motivated Elise to challenge sexism in productive ways, through her love of sports.

Elise is the daughter of the first female black belt in Pennsylvania, though, she is also a pro on her own. She is the type of person where you can only receive encouragement from her words, as her immense strength and kindness seep through common conversation. She is an achiever (you must see her in the ring to understand what I am talking about), and a prime example for each of us out there fighting against gender inequality and male supremacy.

While being her student, I realized Elise is a story of inspiration. She overcame her own demons through a rigorous rehab treatment and has been clean for more than a decade. Part of her success is her heated focus on boxing. The other part has been undoubtedly her family, who helped her become the first female black arm band of Muay Thai under Ajarn Chai Sirisute in Pa.

When I heard her story, I thought she was made, not only of pure stamina, but also perseverance. I then asked if I could publish her story on my blog. I wanted others to realize that people can change positively through nothing but their own inner determination.

Elise is truly an example that second chances are worthwhile and achievable. The past stays in the past but leaves scars that last forever. And it's these marks which push the rest of us take flight.

If you have a story to share, pl

ease leave it below. I would like to hear how a second chance changed your life. Also, how do you fight gender inequality. #SecondChance

Today from home, tomorrow from Florida.

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Edited by: Eleanora Kamerow

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