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2 Days in Juneau, AK

I loved Alaska because I was on vacation, but I cannot imagine myself living there. Its full of mystery landscapes, decorative walkways and the vigor of its mountains overwhelm the tourist with its majesty. It's cold, very cold, even in the summer. The breeze is freezing even when it is sunny, and when the day is hot, it rarely reaches 75F.

During the winters—which start practically in the fall— the temperatures are most commonly below freezing. During my first trip (which was to Juneau), the city warmed by the lack of clouds and registered a maximum temperature at 60F.

From the seaport I could see the whole town, and after the last visible house, I could only see the mountains. The roads that communicate one town with the other are scarce, and the mail service—even overnight—may take up to three days.

The City of Juneau

The population is approximately 30 thousand people. The industry generating the most employment and income is tourism, and despite their conservative feelings (politically speaking), tourists are treated like kings and queens. Juneau is also a mining district, and many report incomes out of this activity.

The city center is 2 kilometers from the seaport. There are shops of all tastes, yes, nothing eccentric. There are no food chains; I did not see a McDonalds or a Burger King. However, crab legs are highly recommended and the $ 90 bucket for three people includes crab, shrimp, and lobster. My favorite dish was the lobster chowder.

There are no big clothing stores. All clothing is produced locally for the cold of the area. I did not see brands like Zara or Coach (very common in every corner of the United States). Mind you, the perfect place to buy mink skins is Juneau. The prices for each coat are not less than 3000 dollars (and those are the less expensive ones).

I went to do speed boating near the Mendenhall Glacier. When I saw the greatness of the glacier I was puzzled for a few minutes since the photos do not do justice to the live view. So much so that I've heard the word glacier, but its appearance was more than my expectations. I was speechless with so much magnificence.

One last thing that impressed me about Juneau was the flag of Mexico hoisted in the midst of the town. It made me think that regardless of the effervescent support from the Juneauites to president Trump, they know that heaving the flag make tourists feel welcome to their town and, in some sense, safe.

I will go to sleep excited to spend my next few days in Skagway. I will keep you posted.

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