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When traveling, I try to understand what molds a community's behavior, cultural traditions, and speech. Every single detail is meaningful to tell the story because different cultures help me build and promote unity, inclusion, and diversity within my own.

About Me

Hi, I am Salua! I am a licensed attorney in Colombia, South America. I obtained a Master of Laws from Penn State University, and a Master of Science in Translation from New York University. My pair language is Eng<Spa and currently, I am studying Arabic formally.

I tend to split my time among four general activities: traveling, exercising, reading, and writing. I am a blogger about tourism at  KienyKe, a Colombian magazine; while writing in Spanish, my mind stays running and producing new ways to associate my endeavors in one basic practice: applied linguistics.

I opened Inmarchitable with a dream in my mind, sharing my travel experiences and toughts with you.

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English - Spanish


Translations & Interpretations from English into Spanish and viceversa. 



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